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Make Mine Multiversity Episode 34: Immortal Transitions and DoX Rankings with Guests Elias Rosner and Jake Hill

By , and | November 22nd, 2019
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Welcome to Make Mine Multiversity: A Marvel Podcast! Each episode we will look at the pressing Marvel news, review some current titles, television shows, or movies, or take a look at celebrated stories from Marvel’s past.

Make Mine Multiversity is now a twice-monthly podcast! This month our episodes released the second and fourth Fridays, but join us going forward the first and third Friday of every month for our new twice-monthly news-filled, mutant-packed program!

Kevin welcomes guests Elias Rosner and Jake Hill this episode who are filling in for Jess. The trio tackle a couple of Marvel’s milestone books of October/November “Immortal Hulk” #25 and “Silver Surfer: Black” #5 before moving in the second half of the show to their individual rankings all the first issues of the Dawn of X era.

Thoughts on the show, or about Marvel Comics in general? Share them on Twitter using the hashtag #MakeMineMultiversity. You can find Kevin on Twitter at @kbgregory13 and Jess at @JessCamNJ. Our guests Jake and Elias can be found on Twitter @Rambling_Moose and @Quetzelish respectively.

The show is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and other places so please subscribe! You can also listen above or download it here.

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Kevin Gregory


Elias Rosner

Elias is a lover of stories who, when he isn't writing reviews for Mulitversity, is hiding in the stacks of his library. Co-host of Make Mine Multiversity, a Marvel podcast, after wining the no-prize from the former hosts, co-editor of The Webcomics Weekly, and writer of the Worthy column, he can be found on Twitter (for mostly comics stuff) here and really needs to update his profile photo again.


Jacob Hill

Jake is from New York. He currently lives in Ohio. Ask him, and he'll swear he's one of those people who loves both Star Wars and Star Trek equally. He is the Multiversity Manager At Large. Say hi to him on twitter @Rambling_Moose!


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