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Make Mine Multiversity Episode 45: Amidst the Pandemic DC3ToXDoX Round 7

By | May 1st, 2020
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Welcome to Make Mine Multiversity: A Marvel Podcast! Each episode we will look at the pressing Marvel news, review some current titles, television shows, or movies, or take a look at celebrated stories from Marvel’s past.

Make Mine Multiversity is now a twice-monthly podcast! Join us going forward the first and third Friday of every month for our new twice-monthly news-filled, mutant-packed program!

No new comics and less new news means another special episode of Make Mine Multiversity to kick off the month of May. After a brief intro by Kevin, the DC3Cast boys offer their definitive rankings of the Dawn of X books at this moment. While there will be no Free Comic Book Day this weekend, enjoy more lists and reliving this already exciting era for Marvel’s merry mutants.

Thoughts on the show, or about Marvel Comics in general? Share them on Twitter using the hashtag #MakeMineMultiversity. We’ll be back in two weeks with something else fun as we look forward to Marvel’s books returning later this month. Until then, check out the Shelf Bound auctions, support creators, support one another, stay safe, and wash your hands folks!

The show is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and other places so please subscribe! You can also listen above or download it here.

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