Make Mine Multiversity Episode 76: This Episode Is…Inevitable

By and | October 1st, 2021
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Welcome Back to Mine Multiversity: A Marvel Podcast! Each episode we’ll be looking at Marvel books, old and new! We discuss fun Marvel comics, and also Marvel news, Marvel history and Marvel trivia. Or, at least, that’s what we did before we needed a big purple space raisin to fight eldritch abominations invading our universe.

Make Mine Multiversity is a twice-monthly podcast that premieres on the first and third Friday of every month! It’s about as often as Thanos tries to blow up the universe to impress death.

Our coverage of the titanic, gargantuan ANNIHILATION SAGA come to a universe shattering conclusion. We’ve fought the bugs, we’ve fought robots, we’ve fought kings, we’ve fought each other, we’ve even fought The Sphinx but now, we’re fighting eldritch abominations from another universe. We’re in the endgame now and it looks like we are ALL Groot. Topping off our 158(!) issue, six month look at this run is “The Thanos Imperative,” an six issue mini with a prologue and epilogue issue, aptly named “Ignition” and “Devastation,” that endeavors to put a nice-ish bow on the many threads we’ve been following. For those reading along in the trades, good news! It’s just one book: “The Thanos Imperative.”

Next time, we take a bit of a break from reading and have a relaxed chat about the six months or so we’ve been away from modern Marvel. We promise not to grouse too much.

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Elias is a lover of stories who, when he isn't writing reviews for Mulitversity, is hiding in the stacks of his library. Co-host of Make Mine Multiversity, a Marvel podcast, after wining the no-prize from the former hosts, co-editor of The Webcomics Weekly, and writer of the Worthy column, he can be found on Twitter (for mostly comics stuff) here and really needs to update his profile photo again.


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Jake is from New York. He currently lives in Ohio. Ask him, and he'll swear he's one of those people who loves both Star Wars and Star Trek equally. He is the Multiversity Manager At Large. Say hi to him on twitter @Rambling_Moose!


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