Multiversity Manga Club Podcast, Episode 91: March 2022 in Shonen Jump

By and | April 1st, 2022
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It’s the first Multiversity Manga Club episode of the month, which means we’re looking back at the month of March in Shonen Jump! This month we look at major events in two different series, first of which is the finale of “Dr. Stone.” Afterward, we discuss one of the biggest reveals of “One Piece” since… well, I suppose the Laugh Tale flashback wasn’t too long ago. Still, it’s a big deal! Join us two weeks as One Piece Club, our ongoing reread of “One Piece,” continues with chapters 768-801, the final act of the epic Dressrosa arc. As always you can tweet along with us with the #OnePieceClub hashtag.

Don’t forget to check out our weekly check ins on Shonen Jump, Wednesdays at 2pm. Check out our full archives here.

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Walt Richardson

Walt is a former editor for Multiversity Comics and current podcaster/ne'er-do-well. Follow him on Twitter @goodbyetoashoe... if you dare!


Emily Myers

Emily is one of the hosts of the Manga Club podcast. Her main weakness is that she continues to acquire more and more books, comics, and video games despite an already immense backlog. Find her on Twitter @1000Throws and remind her to read that series she's been sitting on for five years before getting into a new one.


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