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    Multiversity Manga Club Podcast, Episode 21: “Cells at Work!”

    By , and | October 5th, 2018
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    Welcome to Multiversity Manga Club! Each month your intrepid hosts Zach Wilkerson, Emily Myers, and Walter Richardson will pick a new series to discuss, usually focusing on the first few volumes. It’s like the old Manga Club, but for your ears! But that’s not all: each month we will also discuss the past month’s worth of chapters in various ongoing series we are currently reading, usually those running in Weekly Shonen Jump. Our twenty first book club pick is “Cells at Work!” by Akane Shimizu. Join us next month for a discussion of “Tokyo Ghoul” by Sui Ishida.

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    Walt Richardson

    Walt is a former editor for Multiversity Comics and current podcaster/ne'er-do-well. Follow him on Twitter @goodbyetoashoe... if you dare!


    Zach Wilkerson

    Zach "The Mercenary" Wilkerson may sometimes act like he hates comics, but he generally enjoys them, mostly. Ask him about his encyclopedic knowledge of the Kingdom Hearts series and follow him on twitter @wilkerfox.


    Emily Myers

    Emily is one of the hosts of the Manga Club podcast. Her main weakness is that she continues to acquire more and more books, comics, and video games despite an already immense backlog. Find her on Twitter @1000Throws and remind her to read that series she's been sitting on for five years before getting into a new one.


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