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    Marveling at the Movies Season 2, Episode 5: Wonder Woman (Or, Prepare For A Lot Of Dialogue About Brad Garett For Some Reason)

    By | November 24th, 2018
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    Welcome back to Marveling at the Movies, a podcast for Multiversity with Alexis Perry, Matthew Meylikhov, and future internet superstar Matt DiChiara. In this show, Alexis and Matthew (two people very fluent in movies and comics) make their friend Matt (who had never seen any of the modern superhero films before last season) watch every single entry into the modern DC Cinematic Universe film. To quote Matt, “…cool.”

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    In the latest episode, we watch Wonder Woman, aka the “only good movie of the DCEU.” Does Matt agree with this sentiment? Does Alexis actually have positive commentary about the film, for the first time this season? Does Matthew cry during it again? The answers to this and more in the latest episode (though to be honest, it’s Yes, Yes, and Of Course, Come On, Did You Even Think Otherwise?).

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