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Robots From Tomorrow – Episode 265: Greg Rucka, Part 1

By | February 4th, 2016
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When you get the chance to interview Greg Rucka, even if he just finished his most recent hours-long talk with Wordballoon’s John Siuntres a few weeks prior, you just take that opportunity and hope you can bring a little something extra to the conversation. Taking that chance is just what (our) Greg did this past week, sitting down with the writer to fire off a few “addendum” questions he had thought of after listening to the latest ‘Rucka Debrief’. But since (author) Greg is not only thoughtful in his responses but also extremely generous with his time, that one chat became two, with the planning of a third a few weeks from now. Today’s episode contains those first two conversations, hitting topics ranging from in-depth process talk about Rucka’s many career collaborations, spoiler-filled deep diving into the “Lazarus” Season One finale, the blacks and whites of “Black Magick”, where the DCU lost its morale compass (and Greg’s complicity in that), and just how he manages to write such positive, optimistic material without wanting to, in his own words, ‘eat a gun’.

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