Robots From Tomorrow: Episode 320 – George Khoury & “Comic Book Fever”

By | August 11th, 2016
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With the August 24th release of Twomorrows’ newest comics book “Comic Book Fever”, Greg got a chance to chat with writer George Khoury about this love letter to the comics and comics culture of his youth. From his survey of British art talent in “True Brit”, to his benchmark work untangling the Miracleman legacy and legal history in “Kimota! The Miracleman Companion”, to his extensive interview and contextualization of one of comics’ greatest creators in “The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore”, Khoury has proven himself as one of the pillars of the Twomorrows publishing line and a must-read when it comes to understanding and celebrating the medium we all enjoy. Nowhere is that combination more evident than in “Fever”. Celebrating the last decade of the Bronze Age, “Fever” touches on so many aspects of comics and comics culture from 1976 to 1986, that if you were a comics fan from that era and DIDN’T see something you recognized and remembered fondly…maybe you weren’t actually a fan. He and Greg talk about not only his books, but also which DC artist was a spitting image of Mean Streets-era Martin Scorsese, how likely we are to see an updated volume of “Kimota!”, why people shouldn’t be surprised when poking the bear doesn’t put the bear in the best mood, and more on this laidback, free-wheeling episode!


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