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Robots From Tomorrow: Episode 808 – A Few Words About Team-Ups

By | April 1st, 2024
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Today’s show is not a joke, not a hoax, not an imaginary story. Greg gives his take on the upcoming Marvel & DC crossover omnibi coming later this year, and then dives into the larger waters of comic book team-ups that absolutely totally happened . . . and with the help of Ross Pearsall’s website, he has the covers to prove it! Find out all kinds of things about the crossovers you know about and the crossovers you had no idea actually existed!



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Greg Matiasevich

Greg Matiasevich has read enough author bios that he should be better at coming up with one for himself, yet surprisingly isn't. However, the years of comic reading his parents said would never pay off obviously have, so we'll cut him some slack on that. He lives in Baltimore, co-hosts (with Mike Romeo) the Robots From Tomorrow podcast, writes Multiversity's monthly Shelf Bound column dedicated to comics binding, and can be followed on Twitter at @GregMatiasevich.


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