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Robots From Tomorrow Episode 136: Antony Johnston & Dean Haspiel [Podcast]

By | November 5th, 2014
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Two great talks for you in one episode! First off, Greg talks with cartoonist Dean Haspiel about photographer/fumettist/creator Seth Kushner. Seth has been battling leukemia for the past year and has had his share of ups & downs, so Dean brings us up-to-date on how Seth is doing, what Seth has done that you should spend your time & attention on, and how you can help out Seth and his family.

Following that, the show leaves the bounds of Earth and heads 22,000 miles (or 36,000 km) upwards to The Fuse, an orbiting power station and the setting for Antony Johnston’s newest Image series. The Fuse #7 hits shelves today, and Antony tells Greg all about the series, what went into it, and more. The conversation goes in a few different directions after that, including which is the harder writer to adapt to comics (Alan Moore or William Shakespeare), how Antony became the only writer not named Greg Rucka to write a Queen & Country comic, whether or not he has been asked to write for 2000AD, and what NFL team he follows all the way over in the UK. All that and more is just one click away!


(Here’s the direct download)


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