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    That’s The Issue Podcast, Episode 1: Rebirth!

    By | January 9th, 2018
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    Welcome to That’s The Issue! This is the very first episode of a brand new comic book podcast for Multiversity Comics, and our goal is to get to know you through the issues that you love. Every two weeks, me (Matt Lune) and my co-host Wes Messer will be joined by a guest to talk about the comics that are important to them, learning more about who they are through their favorite comics.

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    This first episode is a little bit of a zero episode if you will. Wes was unable to join me for this inaugural show due to sickness, and my voice has a unique raspiness to it that only comes from some sickness that’s plagued me these past few weeks. So instead of diving right into the show proper, this is an episode that brings you up to speed on That’s The Issue, as well as letting you peek into the vault by playing some of my favorite clips from past episodes of the show. Enjoy!

    That’s The Issue is a bi-monthly comic book podcast that gets to know you through the issues that you love. If you want to get involved with the conversation you can reach out to me or Wes on Twitter (@mattlune and @geekwholanded respectively) follow and tweet the show (@thatstheissue) or email the show at thatstheissuepodcast@gmail.com.

    You can find That’s The Issue Podcast on Apple Podcasts, and if you like it, subscribe and leave a review, as it gets us featured and allows us to get a bigger audience!

    You can also find the show on Stitcher, Soundcloud, or even on Podbean. We’re literally everywhere, you guys…

    Until next time, cheers to you!

    Theme Song is “It Feels Good to be Alive Too,” by Loyalty Freak Music off the album Robot Dance!

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    Matt Lune

    Born in raised in Birmingham, England, when Matt's not reading comics he's writing about them or occasionally hosting podcasts about them. From reading The Beano and The Dandy as a child, he first discovered American comics with Marvel's Heroes Reborn and despite that, still fell in love and has never looked back. You can find him on Twitter @MattLune or his website The Awesome Source


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