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    The DC3cast, Episode 100: “Batman” Gets Dark (Again), Priest Revitalizes “Justice League,” and ‘Rebirth’ Titles, Round 81, Even

    By , and | January 10th, 2018
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    ‘Rebirth’ is upon us, and so your fearless hosts are going to talk (at least) all the first issues of each ‘Rebirth’ title!

    This week, Zach feels the slog, Vince adores a purple playwright, and Brian makes the boys read more “Damage.”

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    Special thanks to Eddie Argos and Art Brut for the use of “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake” as our theme music.

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    Brian Salvatore

    Brian Salvatore is an editor, podcaster, reviewer, writer at large, and general task master at Multiversity. When not writing, he can be found playing music, hanging out with his kids, or playing music with his kids. He also has a dog named Lola, a rowboat, and once met Jimmy Carter. Feel free to email him about good beer, the New York Mets, or the best way to make Chicken Parmagiana (add a thin slice of prosciutto under the cheese).


    Zach Wilkerson

    Zach Wilkerson is training to be the Doctor (of pharmacy). In the mean time, he spends his time reading, watching countless TV shows with his lovely wife, and listening to questionable pop music. Follow him on twitter @Sirfox89.


    Vince Ostrowski

    Dr. Steve Brule once called him "A typical hunk who thinks he knows everything about comics." Twitter: @VJ_Ostrowski


    • Nicholas Palmieri

      I read the Batman issue completely differently from you guys. I saw it as a reaction against people who inexplicably think Batman is SO COOL and sort of deify him for his grim and gritty-ness.

      It wasn’t just, “Isn’t this so TWISTED??” It was about: Nobody should WANT to be like Batman. It wasn’t twisted for the sake of being twisted; it was twisted so it could ask, why do people like this shit??

      I also liked that moment when he woke up in the middle of the night, but for different reasons than Brian said. I saw it as, he’s way too obsessed, he’s going on about this completely absurd thing and he *actually* seems insane. Not in a dark and twisted way, but in a legitimately sad way. He should still be in a post-coital bliss, but instead he’s raving about how weird it is that 8 is just 2^3. A nice little moment to remind you that, no, this person is not an ideal that anybody should strive for.

      I’m hot and cold on King’s Batman. Sometimes I love one issue within an arc and hate the next. I usually like the one- or two-issue stories, though, and the longer arcs totally miss the mark for me. So it’s interesting that you bring that up regarding the year-end lists.

      • LCD Loundsystem

        I think I agree with your general interpretation of what was intended, but don’t really see it on the page (maybe the art had trouble conveying it too) but I always have problems because (very much like my problems with Roschach/Watchmen) if you’re not careful, then you’re presenting that stuff as “cool” even when it’s not.

        And maybe “cool” isn’t the right word to use. I had a conversation with someone IRL the other day and he said “The Joker is my favorite comic character, because he’s the most messed up character ever” – now, I know that sounds like something I would say on the show as a joke, but I swear this guy really said this to me.

        Now, I realize the guy saying Joker is his “favorite” doesn’t equal “cool” or “admirable” or “aspirational”, so perhaps I was phrasing it wrong by saying “cool”. Maybe it’s more this “morbid, excited fascination” with the darkest elements that comics have to offer that I don’t identify with, and to me, this issue read less like a condemnation of it than another entry in the twisted messed-up psychology genre. I saw it more as another “how far can we push this?” than “see, no one should want to be in this world.” But that’s just how I read it!!!

        Thanks for the thoughtful reply! 🙂

        • Nicholas Palmieri

          I totally agree on not being enthused with things that are “sooooo demented” for the sake of seeming #edgy, so we’re on the same page there.

          You’re also right that the text didn’t explicitly ask the questions. But then again, should it? Is it the job of the author to tell the reader what they want them to think, or should they lead them to a situation and let them make what they want out of it?

          Who knows- maybe I’m the one who wants it to be something deeper and my interpretation isn’t actually what King wanted to convey.

          • LCD Loundsystem

            Oh no, I’d much prefer subtlety vs. the explicit, you’re absolutely right. But then we come away with different readings, which is not a bad thing! Just didn’t work for me this issue. But it’s probably the reason I thought King’s Kamandi Challenge was so good. It does a lot while not explicitly telling you certain things. Comics, baby – gotta love em

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