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The DC3cast, Episode 247: This Month in “Death Metal,” October 2020

By , and | November 4th, 2020
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The DC3cast is Multiversity’s weekly podcast digging into all things DC Comics. Each week, hosts Vince, Zach, and Brian dig into one of DC’s events from the past in a series we are calling ‘Crisis Management.’ We are still popping back to new stuff for bonus episodes, as well as discussion of news and exciting new film and television adaptations. Don’t worry, the DC3’s got this!

The boys dig into all things “Death Metal” in this episode, starting by going page by page through the fourth issue of the main series. Attention is then turned to the two one-shots and the two tie-ins to “Justice League.” Come for Superboy Prime, stay for the panel that nearly broke Brian’s brain.

Issues discussed:

“Dark Nights: Death Metal” #4
“Dark Nights: Death Metal: Robin King” #1
“Dark Nights; Death Metal: Rise of the New God” #1
“Justice League” #54-55

Follow Brian and Zach on Twitter @BrianNeedsaNap and @Wilkerfox. Find Vince searching Farmer’s Only for a thread about Superman’s eyes.

Special thanks to Eddie Argos and Art Brut for the use of “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake” as our theme music.

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