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    The Hour Cosmic Episode 11: Even-Keeled with Yale Stewart

    By Brian Salvatore | June 6th, 2012
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    THE HOUR COSMIC! When podcasters walk the Earth!

    Welcome back to THE HOUR COSMIC!, brought to you by the lovely folks at Multiversity Comicsand Tell Me Something. Hosted by Brian Salvatore, Chad Bowers and Matthew Meylikhov, The Hour Cosmic is here with the 11th episode, and boy is it a doozy!

    This week, we are joined by Little League creator Yale Stewart for a discussion on Batman and, specifically, why he ain’t fun no more.

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    Brian Salvatore

    Brian Salvatore is an editor, podcaster, reviewer, writer at large, and general task master at Multiversity. When not writing, he can be found playing music, hanging out with his daughter, or playing music with his daughter. He also has a dog named Lola, a rowboat, and once met Jimmy Carter. Feel free to email him about good beer, the New York Mets, or the best way to make Chicken Parmagiana (add a thin slice of prosciutto under the cheese).


    • http://www.facebook.com/pgizinski Patrick Gizinski

      I feel like the same argument about a Dark Batman vs. a Light hearted fun batman can be also made with the way Daredevil is written. Bendis/Brubaker dark Daredevil vs. Wade’s swashbuckling more fun Daredevil.

      • Brian Salvatore

        I was going to bring up Superman on the show, but we were going long as it is – but Superman is the same thing, too. Dark Superman, with his armor, is nothing like the Superman we all know and love. Darkness in comics CAN work, but shouldn’t be the norm.


    • Joe

      Great discussion! I found out about this podcast through Little League (and loving it!) I agree on the comment about seeing Batman through the eyes of others would be an interesting narrative. The opening of Batman: Gotham Knights did this, but it left me wanting more. Now, how do we talk Warner Brothers into doing a Superman/Batman movie (with lots of guest heroes, like “Public Enemies” did) instead of a Justice League movie?

    • Badgerman

      For me i grew up watching alot of adam west batman as well as the george reeves superman with my dad and grandpa, as well as the animated series. i read all my dads old comics from the sixties and i never found a story that wasnt fun simply because they didnt need to prove anything. they were entertainment, rather than about making a point because it is popular. it was like wha tpixaar does for film now. the creators didnt say, “what is the most controversial topic we can bring up and shove it into peoples faces. ” it was what do we want to see in a film and what would we enjoy. cmon legion of superheroes was createdd by an eleven year old! why was it published? because it was creative. because it showed depth. and when the campy era came along sure it was silly, but it still was dignified. and still told a story worth telling. not a slash fiction like dc is doing with the new 52. lookin at green lantern over here. making a character different for the sake of shock factor is not right, especially when the character was never intended by its original creator to do something like that. make a new character maybe but respect the source material.

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