The Next Issue 98: Are We Spoiling This Or Not?

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This episode the gang takes a good long look at some of the recent happenings over at DC Comics. Are their publishing decisions too focused on short term gains? Are buzz words and line wide gimmicks working? What is going on with editorial? There’s plenty of armchair quarterbacking to go around on! Plus, Orson Scott Card! Over in reviews you’ll hear about Batman, The Last Call, Copra, Dia De Los Muertos and more!

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Did everyone catch Monday’s interview? The One with Jim Rugg and Jasen Lex? Most everyone knows these guys for their cartoonist and illustration work, but now they’ve joined the esteemed ranks of podcasters, as well! The first chunk of the talk focuses on Jim and Jasen’s outlook on interviewing and journalism; for example, how editing can affect the portrayal of a subject. Their show is called Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, and it appears twice weekly over at Their first episode to appear on Boing Boing is an interview with co-founder of Fantagraphics, Gary Groth. The guys also have a year’s worth of previous episodes available through iTunes. This was a really great, light-hearted talk with some awesome, thoughtful dudes, and is well-worth the next hour of your life. PLUS! If that’s not enough to get you through the day, we’ve got this week’s Pull List to help you conquer your Wednesday!

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About The AuthorMike RomeoMike Romeo started reading comics when splash pages were king and the proper proportions of a human being meant nothing. Part of him will always feel that way. Now he is one of the voices on Robots From Tomorrow. He lives in Philadelphia with one lady and three cats. Follow him on Twitter at @YeahMikeRomeo!

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