The Next Issue: Episode 103- New X-Men

By | April 30th, 2013
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Things got pretty interesting for Marvel Comics back around 2001. The company was mounting a return from bankruptcy and making some big moves. New imprints like Max and Marvel Adventures were created to widen the audience. Their characters were making huge amounts of money at the box office. They launched the Ultimate line and rebooted an entire universe. Everything seemed fresh and exciting. Probably one of the biggest changes to happen was in the X Office. Newly minted EIC Joe Quesada looked at the mutant line of books and saw that a real revamp was in order. Enter Grant Morrison. Teamed with artist extraordinaire Frank Quitely, Morrison would break apart the X-Men’s universe, clean out the cogs, and reassemble it all in a streamlined way that made sense for the turn of the millennium. Gone were the technicolor spandex and mile long team rosters, substituted with real world black leather body armor and a core cast of characters. This is a run of comics that is still effecting things to this day, and it is the focus of this week’s episode.

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Mike Romeo

Mike Romeo started reading comics when splash pages were king and the proper proportions of a human being meant nothing. Part of him will always feel that way. Now he is one of the voices on Robots From Tomorrow. He lives in Philadelphia with two cats. Follow him on Instagram at @YeahMikeRomeo!


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