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Wrestleversity: Episode 2

By , and | May 18th, 2016
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Welcome back to Wrestleversity, a new podcast by Jess Camacho, James Johnston, and Alice W. Castle! In this second episode, the gang recaps Payback, previews Extreme Rules, and much, much more.

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You can listen to the show below, or download it directly by clicking here. It should be up on iTunes, Stitcher, and more in the coming weeks.

Please follow the three hosts on Twitter – @CamachoJess, @FallofthePoets, and @JimJamJohnston.

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James Johnston

James Johnston is a grizzled post-millenial. Follow him on Twitter to challenge him to a fight.


Alice W. Castle

Sworn to protect a world that hates and fears her, Alice W. Castle is a trans femme writing about comics. All things considered, it’s going surprisingly well. Ask her about the unproduced Superman films of 1990 - 2006. She can be found on various corners of the internet, but most frequently on Twitter: @alicewcastle


Jess Camacho

Jess is from New Jersey. She loves comic books, pizza, wrestling and the Mets. She can be seen talking comics here and at Geeked Out Nation. Follow her on Twitter @JessCamNJ for the hottest pro wrestling takes.


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