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    Exclusive Preview: “Damage” #16

    By | April 15th, 2019
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    Of all of the New Age of Heroes books, “Damage” was one of only two books that had any sort of connective tissue to the past of the DCU (the other being “The Terrifics”). Damage was originally introduced in the early 90s, and though this is a very different version, there are some similarities here. But now, like the prior incarnation, the solo series is being put to bed. This leaves only “The Silencer” and “The Terrifics” standing from the New Age of Heroes line, and the former book has already announced its final issue for June.

    Even though it is departing, we are thrilled to share an exclusive first look at the final issue of “Damage,” due out on April 17th.

    Cover by Aaron Lopresti
    Written by Robert Venditti
    Penciled by Aaron Lopresti
    Inked by Matt Ryan
    Colored by Hi-Fi
    Lettered by Tom Napolitano

    Captured by Echidna, the goddess of monsters, Ethan and Congo Bill must rely on their wits as humans rather than strength as giant powerhouses in order to survive. But do these men stand a chance against the mother of all colossal beasts? Find out in the shocking finale of our series!

    Thanks to DC for the preview, and make sure to pick up the book on Wednesday!

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