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    Exclusive Preview: “Detective Comics” #970

    By | December 11th, 2017
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    One of the more surprising elements of ‘Rebirth’ has been the arc of Clayface. A Batman villain for many years, the actor turned criminal has reformed his life and joined Batman’s team. His story has been surprisingly emotional, and the character feels as essential to “Detective Comics” as anyone else on the team. This week in “Detective,” ‘Fall of the Batmen’ continues, with the Victim Syndicate trying to recruit Clayface to their ranks. Clayface’s story feels like a tragedy in the making, but I, for one, don’t want to see Clayface off the team. His relationship with his fellow team members, specifically Cassandra Cain, is such a rich vein for stories, it seems like a waste to end his tenure on the team so soon, if that is indeed the plan. We are thrilled to share an exclusive preview of this week’s “Detective Comics” #970, due in stores on December 13th.

    Cover by Guillem March
    Written by James Tynion IV
    Penciled by Joe Bennett
    Inked by Salvador Regla, Ricardo Jaime, and Marcio Loerzer
    Colored by Jason Wright
    Lettered by Sal Cipriano

    “Fall of the Batmen” part two! Spoiler and the team still have unfinished business to resolve…and unfortunately for everyone, the Victim Syndicate feels the same way!

    Thanks to DC for the preview, and make sure to pick up the issue on Wednesday!

    Variant Cover by Rafael Albuquerque

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