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    Exclusive Preview: “Future Quest Presents” #10

    By | May 14th, 2018
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    As the end looms for “Future Quest Presents,” let’s stop for a second and marvel at how many characters and creators have passed through both this and its predecessor, “Future Quest.” These two books really showcased a corner of the Hanna-Barbera world that had gone ignored for quite some time. The other really interesting bit about the title is that, unlike other Hanna-Barbera/DC books, there as no updating here. These characters were presented, more or less, in their original forms. That’s both a testament to how cool and unique these characters are, that the same concepts are still out there and interesting nearly 50 years later. We’re thrilled to share an exclusive first look at “Future Quest Presents” #10, due out May 16th.

    Cover by Aaron Lopresti
    Written by Rob Williams
    Penciled by Aaron Lopresti
    Inked by Matt Ryan
    Colored by HiFi
    Lettered by Carlos M. Mangual

    Young Dorno has grown to adulthood, but he quickly finds that it comes with challenges he may not be able to handle, like the imminent death of his planet, Amzot, and the menace that the trickster Animan has brought to his parents!

    Thanks again to DC, and make sure to pick up the issue on Wednesday!

    Variant Cover by Phil Jimenez

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