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    Get a First Look at Your New Favorite Book: “Pretty Deadly” [Preview]

    By | July 9th, 2013
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    One of our single most anticipated new books of the year is “Pretty Deadly,” featuring the talent extraordinaire of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios alongside Jordie Bellaire and Dustin Harbin and telling the story of Ginny, a reaper of vengeance in a Western setting. The book sounds great and all teased imagery has looked rather great as well, to the point that our excitement can’t be contained. Honestly. We tried; it got loose.

    So its very well then that the first “Pretty Deadly” #1 teaser has finally been released, through which we can excitedly point at and shout, “Look! Pretty! Deadly! You want, we want!” And as such, here it is for your eyes:

    Emma’s work is rather amazing there, isn’t it? Rios’ eye towards storytelling is impeccable and the flow of these first few pages is astonishing. It’s a mere four pages but already you find yourself with a good feel for the world, immersed in its setting and peeking out between the blades of grass, a voyeur to a short brutal scenario. Kelly Sue’s words over it add a nice poetic touch to the short carnage that ensues, and if this taste is anything to go off of then we’re in for quite a treat when “Pretty Deadly” debuts.

    You can see more kinds of shiny wonderfulness over at the Pretty Deadly tumblr/website. Stay tuned to Multiversity around this time next month for some special “Pretty Deadly” coverage and look for the book to debut in October.

    Do not expect enthusiasm and excitement for this title to dull anytime soon.

    Matthew Meylikhov

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