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    Exclusive Preview: “Justice League of America” #11

    By | July 24th, 2017
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    “Justice League of America” has been such an interesting book since it debuted earlier this year. The team is one of the more inspired Justice League lineups in recent years, with a nice mix of classic League members (Vixen, Black Canary), newcomers to the team (Killer Frost, Lobo), and legacy characters/newly introduced classic characters (The Ray, the Atom). Steve Orlando and the various artist that have illustrated issues have kept putting the teams into situations that feel different and outside of typical League business. All of this has led to it being one of the most satisfying team books of ‘Rebirth’ thus far, and we are thrilled to share an exclusive first look at the eleventh issue of the series, which drops on July 26th.

    Cover by Ivan Reis
    Written by Steve Orlando
    Penciled by Neil Edwards
    Inked by Sandu Florea
    Colored by Hi-Fi
    Lettered by Clayton Cowles

    “CURSE OF THE KINGBUTCHER” part two! The JLA face off against the Lord of Order called Kingbutcher! In a battle that forces Ray Terrill to confront his own dark past in full view of his new teammates, the heroes struggle with the question of returning reality to its proper state or allowing the people of Vanity — including Ray’s estranged mother — to fulfill their fondest desires.

    Thanks to DC for the preview, and make sure to pick up the issue on Wednesday.

    Variant cover by Doug Mahnke

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