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    Exclusive Preview: “Legion” #1

    By | January 18th, 2018
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    It isn’t surprising that Marvel gave Legion, David Haller, a solo miniseries after the critical success that was the FX show of the same name. Legion was praised for being not just another in a long line of comics adaptations, but something unique and unexpected. Peter Milligan seems like a great fit to be writing this book, and Wilfredo Torres – who has been doing some really fun work on both “Black Panther” and “Suicide Squad” – will make sure that this looks unlike any other Marvel book on the shelves this month. We are thrilled to share this exclusive first look at “Legion” #1, which drops on January 24th.

    Cover by Javier Rodriguez
    Written by Peter Milligan
    Illustrated by Wilfredo Torres
    Colored by Dan Brown
    Lettered by VC’s Travis Lanham

    A mind-bending X-Men tale from the brains of Peter Milligan (X-Statix, Shade the Changing Man) and Wilfredo Torres (Moon Knight, Black Panther)! David Haller, the son of Professor Charles Xavier, has always had trouble containing the multiple personalities in his mind. And with each personality, comes a wild and dangerous mutant power. But now, a terrifying new personality is threatening to absorb these powers and take over David’s mind and body. In a desperate attempt to save himself, David seeks out the help of renowned young psychotherapist Hannah Jones to delve into his fractured mind and fight back this dark personality. But unknown to Legion….Dr Jones brings her own demons with her…

    Thanks to Marvel for the preview, and make sure to pick up the book next week!

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