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Exclusive Preview: “Little Josephine: Memory in Pieces”

By | April 9th, 2020
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Humanoids’ Life Drawn imprint has been doing some really beautiful, personal stories as of late. This week sees the release of “Little Josephine: Memory in Pieces,” a beautiful book about a nurse’s relationship with an Alzheimer’s patient. The nurse herself, Valérie Villeau, wrote the book, and so this is an incredibly personal story, rendered in absolutely beautiful and surrealistic images by artist Raphaël Sarfati. We’re thrilled to share an exclusive preview of the book, available now digitally and wherever you can still buy books.

Cover by
Written by Valérie Villeau
Illustrated by Raphaël Sarfati
Translated by Nanette McGuinness

A first-hand account of the most unlikely friendship between a visiting nurse and her Alzheimer’s patient, Josephine.

When Valérie first met Josephine, she knew she would be embarking on a unique journey. Though vastly different in age, their connection was instantaneous. Humor quickly became their language, their playground, and despite the debilitating disease that Joséphine faced every single day, they were able to form a beautiful friendship that transcended the reaches of modern medicine.

Thanks to Humanoids for the preview, and make sure to pick up the book!

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