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    Exclusive Preview: “Pearl” #9

    By | May 13th, 2019
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    A few months ago, our Michael Mazzacane wrote a great Don’t Miss This feature on “Pearl,” highlighting, of all things, the similarities between the titular character’s history and the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Seriously. It’s a fun read.

    The book is a visual masterpiece, with Gaydos working in many different styles and sporting a plethora of techniques. The visual diversity helps the book stand out, but also is there for a practical reason, highlighting the tattooing backdrop. The various styles present in each issue allow the reader to get fully immersed in the world of the book, and let Brian Bendis’s story unfold in a truly unique and beautiful way. We are thrilled to share an exclusive preview of the ninth issue, which hits stores on May 15th.

    Cover by Michael Gaydos
    Written by Brian Michael Bendis
    Illustrated and colored by Michael Gaydos
    Lettered by Josh Reed

    From the creators of Jessica Jones comes an all-new romantic crime comic odyssey starring master tattoo artist/assassin Pearl Tanaka! On a journey from San Francisco to discover her family’s true roots and their connection to the yakuza clan they have served her whole life, Pearl visits a seldom-seen side of Tokyo. Featuring devastatingly gorgeous multimedia work by award-winning artist Michael Gaydos.

    Thanks to DC for the preview, and make sure to pick up the issue on Wednesday!

    Variant Cover by Kent Williams

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