Preview: Avengers #2

By | June 3rd, 2010
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How did you enjoy the first issue of Avengers #1? Did you enjoy it as much as we did? Good! Well then, how about a quick look at the next issue of the comic by Brian Bendis and John Romita Jr? Marvel has released 3 wordless pages from the upcoming issue, featuring everybody’s favorite Noh-Varr in his new role as the Protector – one that Bendis established in the Dark Avengers annual and was furthered a bit in the final issue of Ms Marvel. Now, as the Avengers continue to assemble, Wonder Man stands as opposition as Kang stands to mislead the Avengers for an as of yet unknown plot!

The Avengers have assembled and the villainous Kang has revealed that they must travel to the future to save their own children from destroying the universe! Yes, the entire universe. But it will take one more Avenger to make the trip complete. Who is the newest hero to join the ranks of the Avengers true? And why is the once-great hero Wonder Man hell-bent on stopping the Avengers at every turn? Backup feature: Another brand new oral history of the Avengers chapter by Bendis!

The issue comes out June 16th for $3.99. Check behind the cut for the three pages, and let us know your thoughts on the pages in the comments!

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