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    Ryan Stegman’s Scarlet Spider Brings Kaine to Life (Preview)

    By | November 30th, 2011
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    Earlier this month, Marvel gave everyone a brief look at Chris Yost and Ryan Stegman’s upcoming Scarlet Spider book in Marvel’s Point One. Spinning out of the events of Spider-Island, the book sees Kaine taking over Ben Reilly’s old role with one of Peter’s new costumes. While the short preview left us wanting from the story, one thing was for sure — visually, the book looked fantastic. As our reviewer wrote, “Stegman’s style is kinetic, energetic and full of life; watching Scarlet Spider dish out some damage to a few stereotypical bank robbing villains is great, as Stegman really drives home the key parts of Scarlet Spider’s somewhat unconventional movement.”

    Today, we are pleased to share with you a look at the first issue of Scarlet Spider with an unlettered preview, where the same still holds true. Stegman’s visual component to Yost’s written portion really brings the characters to life, fitting in fantastically for a Spider-title as he truly captures the motion in succinct pockets of life. From Kaine dodging hoards of bullets to his attack against villains, Stegman is absolutely killing it on the book already — and we’ve only seen four pages!

    We’re still up in the air about a Scarlet Spider book, reserving final judgement for the title’s actual release, but one thing is for sure: the book is worth it alone for Stegman’s art. To see for yourself, check after the cut for an unlettered four-page preview as well as a variant cover.

    Although, if we had to nit-pick, its worth noting that Kaine should’ve kept the beard. Who cares if it gets itchy under that mask? Beards are awesome.

    Marvel Press Release

    Get ready for a new brand of web-slinging action in your first look at Scarlet Spider #1! From the red-hot creative team of Chris Yost & Ryan Stegman, Kaine — the all-new Scarlet Spider — finds himself on the run in Texas after saving New York City from becoming the world’s largest spider nest during Spider-Island. But when his escape is stopped by a super-powered crime syndicate, Kaine must put an end to their corruption the only way he knows how…violently.

    “Scarlet Spider is a book that can deal with a character much like Peter Parker but at darker, more difficult place in his life,” said Stephen Wacker, Marvel Senior Editor. “The violent choices he’s made through years of struggle–the sins of youth, so to speak–have come at a brutal cost. He may hope that the things he’s done will be left to the dusty, yellowed pages of history, but someone ALWAYS remembers who you used to be.”

    Redefining power & responsibility, no fan can miss the brutal debut of Scarlet Spider #1 hitting comic shops everywhere, this January.

    SCARLET SPIDER #1 (NOV110519)
    Written by CHRIS YOST
    Pencils by RYAN STEGMAN
    Colors by MARTE GRACIA
    Cover by RYAN STEGMAN
    FOC — 12/12/11, ON SALE — 1/4/12

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