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    Exclusive: Get Sexy Again in “Sex Criminals” #2 – Come, World [Preview]

    By | October 17th, 2013
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    I guess it should go without saying that a preview for a book called “Sex Criminals” is going to be NSFW, right?

    When we first heard about it, we were rather excited for “Sex Criminals” by Fraction and Zdarsky. And really, who wouldn’t be? Fraction! Zdarsky! Sex! Criminals! Image! And since then, we’ve not been good about not talking excessively about how excited we are about the book, including making the first issue our Pick of the Week (a quote of which has ended up on the front cover to the second printing, which is neat if you’re vain like us).

    All of which brings me to the point of: we love “Sex Criminals.”

    And today, we get to show off an exclusive look at the next issue, which we will most likely continue to love like we did the first issue — quietly, in the dark, with no one around to see or complain. Featuring a cover that is described by Fraction as “a guy emerging from an ocean of cum… or, y’know, maybe it’s just highly contrasting graphics of a guy wading in water. U decide.” as well as more of the wit, charm and filth you’d expect from Zdarsky’s art, the second issue looks to match and even push past the first issue as we get to know the man named John.

    Take a look:

    Here’s the solicit:

    Story By: Matt Fraction
    Art By: Chip Zdarsky
    Cover Price: $3.50
    Digital Price: $2.99
    Diamond ID: AUG130714
    Published: October 23, 2013

    So who’s the boy with the same sexy-time time-stopping gifts as Suzie? Meet John, who until last night thought he could freeze time with his junk. At long last not alone, what kind of horny hijinx will he and Suzie get up to together? What ANY of us would do if having sex stopped the whole world: We’d do crimes.

    Matthew Meylikhov

    Once upon a time, Matthew Meylikhov became the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Multiversity Comics, where he was known for his beard and fondness for cats. Then he became only one of those things. Now, if you listen really carefully at night, you may still hear from whispers on the wind a faint voice saying, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not as bad as everyone says it issss."