Superheroes Throw Down in “Jupiter’s Legacy” #3 [Exclusive]

The latest issue of Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s collaboration at Image Comics, “Jupiter’s Legacy” #3 hits stores next week and looks to make a splash. Previously dubbed by Millar as the issue where the shit hits the fan, this issue looks to be the biggest issue of the series yet — and we have an exclusive preview of it here for you today.

As is likely the case for most of you, the main draw here is Frank Quitely’s art — particularly that which is on display in the latter half of the preview. The sixth page in particular features the type of visceral artistic styling that make Quitely a household name, and one of the most celebrated artists in the industry; the way you can actually feel the character getting slammed through doors and into cars is certainly next-level artistry, really taking advantage of what the page can do to show off the might of the superpowered.

Take a look:

Suffice it to say, it looks like things are going to pick up quite a bit in “Jupiter’s Legacy” #3, out next week. Here’s the solicit:

Story By: Mark Millar
Art By: Frank Quitely
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: JUN130547
Published: September 25, 2013

The heroes conspire to overthrow The Utopian, discontent rumbling in the bars and the clubs where the superheroes get wasted and complain how much he’s been holding them all back with his old-fashioned ideas of power and responsibility. There’s a new world out there if they will only grasp it. But what is his daughter’s secret and how will it change things forever for their family?

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User's Comments
  • vjj

    Frank Quitely is a sublime artist. If Millar was collaborating with a different artist I don’t think I’d be reading this

    • Matthew Meylikhov

      Millar at least has the know-how to mostly write for the artist that he’s working with, and he works with a lot of GREAT artists. This isn’t always the case, mind you; I think the last issue was a bit dull and didn’t really let Quitely show off why Quitely is such a renowned name. But with this preview that we got to show off today, I’d dare say that it looks like this issue might be the reason we all read this series

      • Jamie Yost

        I haven’t read a lot of Miller’s work but enough to know that I generally don’t care for him. That being said I don’t understand the apathy toward the series and especially the last issue. Maybe it’s just been done and I’m not familiar but I’m loving the superhero mythology being built as well as the themes of celebrity and generational divide. Maybe I’m missing something but I’m definitely in for the long haul.

        • Matthew Meylikhov

          Well, not to sound too egotistical but here’s an article I wrote about it when the first issue came out (I think):

          The issue essentially is that he’s playing with a concept and not doing much of anything with it, certainly not something that hasn’t been done before by other more talented creators. Deconstructing superheroes has become kind of trite and cliche just because so many creators rely on us knowing that everything is analogous to the Big Two that — at least to me — it all becomes dull.

          • Jamie Yost

            I do agree with everything you’re saying and I think because I just began picking up comics again. I’d been out of the game for the better part of a decade before that so I think I missed much of the indie fan fiction you’ve mentioned. I definitely recognize the tropes and see how they might be tiring. Somewhere along the line I became disinterested with the Big Two not doing anything particularly interesting with many of their big characters (for the most part) so I appreciate something like Jupiter’s Legacy. I definitely wouldn’t hold it up to something like Hellboy which built it’s own Universe from the ground up but it’s good fun.

          • David Harper

            Agreed with Jamie. Although I have to say, I would read a book entirely about the villain’s kid who is dating the hero’s kid. No idea what his name is, but he is sooo awesome.

    • Jamie Yost

      Agreed. I would not have picked it up in the first place.

  • Fabian

    I’m going to need a ton of money for next week.
    The Wake, East of West, SInestro, Doomsday, Jupiter’s Legacy and Sex Criminals.

  • David Harper

    I love those Phillips and Hitch covers. Simple but awesome.

  • Nelson Silva

    Poor Chloe, this obsessed misogynist (Millar) will attack again.

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