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    The Cutter Still at Large in Detective Comics #862

    By | March 3rd, 2010
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    DCU’s the Source has put up a brief preview of this week’s Detective Comics starring Batwoman, #862. The book is the second issue in the arc focusing on a time jump between Batman and Batwoman as they search for the brutal Cutter, a particularly twisted villain seemingly interested in building his own woman out of bits and pieces of others. The artwork inside is by Jock, and it’s a much smoother variation than I am used to of his work (in titles like the Losers and Green Arrow: Year One). Detective Comics has been a particularly great surprise in the wake of Battle for the Cowl, with most people realizing, “Wow! The new Batwoman ROCKS!”

    And my god, not to be too rude, but JH Williams III is a brilliant artist. Seriously. Why he isn’t still on the title is beyond me. Not that I don’t enjoy Jock’s artwork, but look at that cover. The way it’s split in half, with the reflection of Batman and Batwoman in each knife? It’s absolutely beautiful to look at, and I wish that the insides still looked like that.

    The book comes out today, so be sure to give it a look when you pick up your books.

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