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    Exclusive Preview: “The Hellblazer” #18

    By | January 22nd, 2018
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    “The Hellblazer” has been a book that, at times, has struggled to find the proper tone since relaunching as part of ‘Rebirth.’ The most successful arc of the book, thus far, is the current one, from writer Richard Kadrey and artist Davide Fabbri. ‘The Bardo Score’ balances all the usual John Constantine shenanigans in a new locale (San Francisco), with some fun new characters, and in a way that doesn’t feel like a lame retreat of things we’ve read before. We are thrilled to share an exclusive first look at the finale to ‘The Bardo Score,’ the eighteenth issue of the series, which hits stores on January 24th.

    Cover by Jesus Merino
    Written by Richard Kadrey
    Penciled by Davide Fabbri
    Inked by Jose Marzan Jr
    Colored by Carrie Strachan
    Lettered by Sal Cipriano

    “The Bardo Score” finale! John Constantine’s latest foray into detective work is getting uglier every moment. Bodies are falling, there’s a gun pointed at him, and the stupid grin on his face is ruining his studied air of detached cool. Can he con his way out of this one?

    Thanks to DC for the preview, and make sure to pick up the issue on Wednesday!

    Variant cover by Sean Phillips

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