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    Exclusive Preview: “Vigilante Southland” #3

    By | December 26th, 2016
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    One of the more interesting miniseries from DC in the past few years has been “Vigilante Southland.” Between pushing the boundaries of language (far more four-letter words than non-Vertigo DC titles usually feature), developing a book that is intrinsically tied to race, and finding a way to still make a legacy superhero story emerge from it, Gary Phillips and Elena Casagrande have crafted something truly unique in the modern comics landscape. We are thrilled to bring an exclusive first look at the third issue, which drops on 12/28.

    Cover by Mitch Gerards

    Written by Gary Phillips
    Illustrated by Elena Casagrande

    Donny has landed in hot water. Both literally and figuratively. The trail of his girlfriend’s killer has led him into a dangerous conspiracy, and the cops now think he’s a murderer himself. The only way out is to take a jump in the Pacific Ocean, but the mysterious assassin Spectros is going to make sure that the Southland Vigilante never comes up for air.

    Thanks to the fine folks at DC, and make sure to pick up the issue on Wednesday.

    Brian Salvatore

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