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    What is Lurking in Brooklyn? Find out in “Tales of the Night Watchman Presents: It Came from the Gowanus Canal” #4 [Preview]

    By | March 17th, 2014
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    The good folks at So What? Press have provided us a preview of the upcoming fourth issue of “Tales of the Night Watchman.” So What? is a New York-based publisher founded by Dave Kelly and Lara Antal, and was started because of this very property.

    “Tales of the Night Watchman” is the story of Nora, a blogger stuck working a dead end job in coffee, and her roommate, Charlie, who happens to be possessed (in the nicest way possible) by a spectral detective called the Night Watchman. Baristas by day, heroes by night, Nora and Charlie are the only ones who can save the day when an influx of paranormal activity summons the return of their arch-nemesis Merrick. In this issue, something evil is lurking below Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal and it’s killing the locals. Serena thinks she’s confirmed the existence of the legendary “Gowanus Golem”, but after dragging the Night Watchman into it, their investigation turns up something unexpected – – and a lot more frightening. Tales of the Night Watchman Presents: It Came from the Gowanus Canal is a one-shot written by Dave Kelly with artwork by Molly Ostertag (Strong Female Protagonist, Tales of the Night Watchman Presents: The Night Collector). $5.00, 40 pages. Published by So What? Press. It will debut at the Society of Illustrator’s MoCCA Arts Festival on April 5 & 6, 2014 in New York City and will hit stores thereafter as well as online at http://www.sowhatpress.com/shop/.

    Check out the preview below, and check out the book when it is released next month!

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