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    Reader Poll Results: Our Readers Can’t Decide What to Watch on Netflix!

    By | March 23rd, 2020
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    On Friday, we asked what Netflix comics show we should be watching with the extra time we have on our hands. Aside from forgetting Locke and Key (sorry, Jake!), we presented our readers will a slew of shows to choose from, and for the first time since we’ve been doing these, we had a three-way tie at the top. And the three shows couldn’t be any more different.

    Daredevil, the first Marvel Netflix series tied for first place with 15.6% of the vote. The series, which continued the comic’s gritty tone and Hell’s Kitchen setting, was initially a huge hit for Netflix, and saw five series spin out of its wake. It ran for three seasons, and closed up shop when Marvel decided to stop its partnership with Netflix and instead partner with Hulu and Disney+.

    Umbrella Academy, based off the Dark Horse series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, tied for first place. The series, which is waiting for the release of its second season, was a critical hit and introduced the cult comic to a much, much larger audience.

    Legends of Tomorrow is a goofy Silver Age comic come to life, and is easily the most lighthearted superhero show on the air. Its tone has continued to embrace the silliness more and more as the seasons have progressed, and that has been a benefit to the series. That it tied with Daredevil and Umbrella Academy both shows that its adaptations have been positive ones, and that there is a space for a more light-hearted side to comics on television.

    Check back on Friday for our next Reader Poll!

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