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    Reader Poll Results: Jonathan Hickman’s “X-Men” Books Are Already All-Time Greats

    By | October 14th, 2019
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    We don’t like to lead the witnesses in our Reader Polls, but sometimes we have very strong opinions about the topics we put up. Last Friday, we asked about the end of “House of X”/”Powers of X,” the twin Jonathan Hickman-penned miniseries. The books have been incredibly well received, and we wanted to see if our readers were as enamored with the books as we were.

    It turns out, yep, y’all are.

    An astonishing 74.7% of the four hundred folks who voted think that these stories already belong in the pantheon of the all-time great X-stories. Chris Claremont, watch your back.

    20.3% of you felt that it was a little too early to deem these books Hall of Fame-tier, which I suppose is a fair position to take, as so much of their purpose is to set up what happens in the ‘Dawn of X’ series that start this Wednesday with “X-Men” #1.

    Only 5% of you felt that these were not at least in the conversation for all-time great stories, which means that 5% of you are wrong. Just kidding, we love all of you.

    Check back on Friday for our next Reader Poll, and we hope that just as many people enthusiastically participate in that one as well!

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