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Reader Poll Results: Loki is the Show Our Readers Can’t Wait to See

By | May 31st, 2021
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On Friday, we asked you to vote on which of the summer TV series you were most excited to watch. While I’m disappointed that more folks aren’t jazzed for Stargirl (trust me, it’s really good!), a lot of you showed up to vote. Two series were far and away the leaders, with the rest lagging behind.

The first of those series, with 41.7% of the vote, was Loki. The series, which debuts next week on Disney+, was the most anticipated of the initially announced MCU Disney+ series. However, after both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier exceeded their hype, it remains to be seen if Loki can do the same.

Second place went to a show debuting this week for Netflix. Sweet Tooth (31.9%), based on the Jeff Lemire series of the same name, looks quite different, visually, than its source material, which has some fans worried about the series. Clearly, that didn’t dissuade our voters, however.

Tied for third place were What If? and Star Trek: Lower Decks, each with 6.9%.

Check back on Friday for our next Reader Poll!

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