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    Reader Poll Results: Y’all Want to Spend Holidays with the Kents

    By | December 2nd, 2019
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    On Friday, we asked what comics family you wish you could spend Thanksgiving dinner with. We know that these questions are silly and foolish, but we can’t help ourselves. They’re fun! And your answers were equally fun.

    Surprising no one, 22.2% of our readers felt that the Kent house would be the best place for Thanksgiving. This is, objectively, the correct answer. The most American meal possible, prepared by the paragon of American values, in Kansas. Imagine how good an apple pie there would be!

    In second place was a tie between two very different families: the crew from “Saga” and the Richards/Storm clan. “Saga” is such a sad book that I can’t really imagine a fun meal with them, unless this presupposes that things have (temporarily) worked out for them, in which case, yes! Let’s let them have a happy meal!

    The “Fantastic Four” on the otherhand are often considered the ‘first family’ of comics, and rightly so. This would be the most traditional meal in the sense of a family that truly loves each other, but is probably arguing about politics and which football game to watch.

    Finally, coming in third is the Xavier/Jean Grey school crew. This is the answer that is most dependent on the current day comics. If this is on Krakoa, and it’s the full crew, hell yes. If this is at the school, and is made up of kids with nowhere to go, it could get dark fast.

    Thanks for voting, and make sure to check back on Friday for our next Reader Poll!

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