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Reader Poll Results: Our Readers and Our Staff Agree on “Daredevil”

By | January 3rd, 2022
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On Friday, we asked our readers to vote on what ongoing series they thought was the best in 2021. We used all the series that received multiple votes in our internal staff polling, which led to 46 books being considered. While not all got votes, 26 did, and four rose above the rest in the eyes of our readers.

Much like our staff, the readers agreed that “Daredevil” was the best ongoing of the past year, with 11.7% of those polled voting for it. While that is hardly a plurality, it is still a significant percentage compared to what other books received. It’s always nice to know that our readers and writers are on the same page with comics, as it can sometimes feel like we are on an island without a real connection to our readers when we are digging stuff they aren’t.

In second place with 10% was “Nightwing.” This made our top 10, but our readers seem even higher on it than our staff. It’s gotta be all those sweet Grayson booty shots. Tied for third with 6.7% are “Black Hammer Reborn” and “Immortal Hulk.” All four books were among our favorites, too.

Check back on Friday for the next Reader Poll!

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