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Reader Poll Results: All Hail, Princess of the Amazons

By | January 29th, 2024
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On Friday, we asked our readers what their favorite film of the now finished experiment called the DC Extended Universe. As is usually the case with these polls, we got one curveball thrown in there but, overall, our readers acted in the way I expected them to.

In first place is Wonder Woman, which is the best combination of casting, script, and set up of any DCEU film. Even though the film lacks a truly compelling villain, it was a great launching pad for future stories, and Gal Gadot was clearly a great piece of casting. 30.2% of our readers thought this was the best of the bunch.

Not far behind was The Suicide Squad with 28.3%, James Gunn’s reinvention of the team that led to Peacemaker and, eventually, his ascent to the head of the new DC film division. This, also, was not surprising.

Rounding out the top three with 15.1% is the Snyder Cut of Justice League and, since I don’t want to stir up shit with some of the internet’s most vocal stans, I’m just going to leave that where it is.

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