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Reader Poll Results: The Other Archers are Green with Envy

By | November 29th, 2021
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On Friday, we asked our readers who their favorite comic archer is. In light of Hawkeye‘s debut on Disney+, it seemed like Clint Barton would ride that wave of attention to the #1 spot on our list. However, our readers showed both restraint and intelligence in going with his counterpart from the Distinguished Competition, Oliver Queen.

The original superhero archer, dating back to 1941, Green Arrow got 32.4% of the vote. Oliver has done just about everything at DC, from go into space with the Justice League to, well, die. He also has one of the more interesting relationships with money of any of the many rich dudes in comics and is the rare openly liberal superhero.

Good ol’ Clint came in second, garnering 27%. The vanilla portrayal of Clint in the MCU likely knocked his score down a notch here, but he’s also a character with only a few truly notable stories, despite having been around forever. We’ll see if the new show bumps him up in public esteem at all.

10.8% went with Clint’s protege, Kate Bishop, and 2 of you heroes voted for Sterling Archer.

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