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    Advance Review – Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost #2

    By | March 31st, 2010
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    Radical Comics was kind enough to provide Multiversity Comics an advance copy of their title Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost #2, which hits your local comic shop this week. So I checked this bad boy out and figured I’d share my thoughts on it before you hit your store. I’m all about helping you make an informed decision! So before I let you know what I thought of the book and whether or not you should check it out let’s take a look at the solicitation information.

    Series Illustrators STJEPAN SEJIC and PATRICK REILLY
    64 pages, FC for only $4.99

    After his descent into the perilous caverns for the sorcerer Qassim, the thieving rogue known as Aladdin has reappeared in the city of Shambhalla. He is no longer a pauper, but a rich and decadent prince, transformed by the power of the Djinn of the Lamp! However, when Qassim exposes Aladdin and kidnaps the lovely Princess Soraya, there’s only one man Aladdin can turn to: Sinbad, the mariner of legend. With Sinbad’s help, Aladdin must journey to the hidden depths of the city to parlay with the world’s deadliest sovereign. She’ll help the duo track Qassim… but for a price far beyond even Aladdin’s imagination.

    Featuring covers by Arthur Suydam (Marvel Zombies), Lucio Parrillo (Hulk Monster-Size Special) and a special 1:10 incentive cover from Clayton Crain (X-Force).

    Now that you have some background information let’s dive into it shall we? Well click after the jump!

    The second issue while not as quick paced of a read as the first was still a fun read. The adventurous quality of this story really enticed me, the inclusion of characters like Sinbad intrigued me and the art astounded me. These things together made for a rather enjoyable experience. It also made what looked like a daunting read, this baby clocks in at a whopping 64 pages if you hadn’t noticed in the solicitation, a rather fly by type of experience. I found myself at the end wondering how and why this all was going to end next issue.

    The way this story progresses is one of the key things that really shines here. The pacing is perfect. When I say this I mean overall as a series and also as an individual issue. You get all the elements of an adventure story in one issue while also continuing to advance the main plot itself. Instead of receiving just a chunk of the overall adventure you are provided a fully functioning adventure story within an overall adventure story. This issue contains many pieces whether it be Faustian deals or ocean battles that lead to a great issue!

    There are two artists who provide the art for the issue. The two artists tag out somewhere in the middle of the story according to Radical Comics. I say according to because I can’t tell when the shift happens. It is a fluid art change that shouldn’t jolt the reader at all. I know I usually can’t stand when an artist switches out with another in my issues because it can be incredibly jarring and knock my attention out of the story. This is not the case here as it is all beautiful art that very much so compliments one another.

    One of my favorite pages is the one included here. I love how the artist has drawn the panels to match the Arabian feel and architecture. It may seem like a simple stylistic thing but it is something that adds tremendous flavor to an already tasty page. , tell me that isn’t one gorgeous looking page in general. I dare you.

    Another thing to consider is this issue will set you back $4.99 which compared to a lot of comics is a big boy price. The truth is though that when you consider the tremendous page count it really is a pretty solid deal. I mean how many Marvel books are you picking up, like me, which cost you a dollar less than that and provide about half the pages? Personally, I’m picking up enough to realize this is a great deal.

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    So let’s sum this whole review up shall we? If you like solid storytelling, gorgeous art and like to get your moneys worth in a market where that isn’t always possible than I think this is a good title to pick up. It won’t go into your box as one of the great masterpieces of your collection but it will entertain the hell out of you.

    Rating: 8.0 Buy It!

    Brandon Burpee

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