Five Thoughts on Arrow’s “Dead to Rights” [Review]

By | February 28th, 2013
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1.) Wow

That episode of Arrow was really good. Not just good for Arrow, like pretty damn fine television. Geoff Johns wrote this episode wrote this episode and it really shows through in how this is one of the few episodes that focuses on rather m undane domestic issues and just has a balls-ton of explosions. Not to mention some really significant moments that are almost definitely going to impact the future of the show.

2.) Not-So-Deadshot

Deadshot showed towards the beginning of the series and was killed almost immedietly by being shot through the eye with an arrow. Initially I thought it was a waste of a good character, until Deadshot shows up again in this episode with next-to-no explanation for why he survived. Anyway, Deadshot is now The Governorized and has no eye. China White, his new employer, then makes the best choice by giving him his red eyesight from the comics and replacing his ridiculous steampunk monocle. Also, Deadshot apparently killed Diggle’s brother? I don’t remember that being brought up, but that may just be me.

3.) Tommy Osborne

Deadshot was hired by China White to kill John Barrowman as part of a contract for Moira Queen. Floyd follows through by attacking the event where John Barrowman is receiving an award at his own apartment for being such a rich white guy. John Barrowman and his son, Tommy Merlyn, run to Barrowman’s safe room where he’s about to reveal the Dark Archer suit to his son when Deadshot grenades the place, which causes the door to the Dark Archer room to shut. Ollie arrives and convinces Tommy to give his dad an on-the-spot blood transfusion by revealing his identity as Not Green Arrow. Tommy keeps it a secret from everyone else, for now, but he’s clearly having some less than ideal feelings about Ollie’s nighttime activities. Hopefully this will set up some incredibly interesting dynamics for the duo.

4.) The Island

Ollie and Slade did some pull-ups while talking about how they’ll dismantle the weapons on the island. That was kinda it.

5.) “My Arrows Know What You Did In The Dark”

During a conversation about booking a band, Ollie asks if Fall Out Boy are still popular. He is told they have broken up. Cue chuckling at the long schedule of television production and the dangerous window of relevancy in pop culture references.

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