Five Thoughts on Arrow’s “Dodger” [Review]

1.) A bit of a deceleration from last week. 

Last week’s episode, “Odyssey”, was pretty much just fighting explosions for 70 percent of the total airtime. Now, due to reasons of pacing (and probably budget),  this episode took a much more relaxed tone and had a lot more focus on everyone’s domestic life. Even the villain of the week, a gentleman thief who places explosive collars on people so they’ll rob banks for him like a villainous Amanda Waller, felt like an afterthought. Granted, not every moment of a TV show needs to be fighting but Breaking Bad this show is not. It fits in the same category as a lot of The CW’s other shows where they’re not taking themselves too seriously.

2.) What a pain in the Arsenal

Thea and Laurel are walking around when Thea’s purse gets stolen by a thief! Unfortunately this thief is attractive in a generic CW type way so of course Thea tracks him down to make him a recurring character. The robber leaves his wallet at the scene of the crime (why not?) and so Thea calls up every used clothing store in Starling City to ask if a guy who looked like he wore Abercrombie and Fitch showed up. Thankfully, a Law and Order character from John Mulaney’s stand-up routine did indeed recognize the incredibly vague description Thea gave them and is thus able to give her the robber’s name and address. I have no idea what type of thrift store keeps track of its customers names and addresses but I’ll assume it’s the type that are made up for TV. Also, the robber’s name is Roy Harper. Handle that information as you will.

3.) Love is in the air tonight.

Valentine’s Day was last week but due to scheduling/general not caring, this episode felt a lot like a Valentine’s special. Diggle finally asks out his dead brother’s wife, Ollie asks out his detective friend who isn’t Quentin (even though they clearly have the best sexual tension out of anyone in the series), and Thea hits on Roy because dreamy. Unfortunately, none of these romantic scenes felt very engaging, the only one that came close was Diggle’s and he spent the entire time talking about his dead brother. So you know. Not exactly Nicholas Sparks we got going on over here.

4.) The Island

After kicking all the ass last week, Slade’s recovering from his injury and tells Ollie to get him some water. Ollie takes the longest time, because he goes to a sketchy cave where a grad student who washed up the island two days ago is hiding from the Black Ops teams. Ollie highly doubts the student’s claims and thinks he’s working for the black ops team and just kind of leaves him to die while getting the water back to Slade. It’s actually really cool to see Ollie straddling the line between hero and crazy person, even if the scene was only two minutes long. Easily the high point of this episode.

5.) I felt like this needed mentioning. 

Diggle says his brother’s name is Andy.

Andy Diggle.

just got that.

I feel like such a Loser. 

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