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    Legion Of Three Worlds Should Have Been DC’s “Event”

    By | May 5th, 2009
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    Some of you reading this may not even know that there WAS a Final Crisis tie-in called the Legion Of Three Worlds. (I picked it up on a whim myself, and there was little to no buzz for it of which I’m aware) But in actuality, it’s the best (and probably only good) thing to come out of the Grant Morrison clusterfuck from the last year. Did anyone understand what happened there? I’m not sure anyone except for Morrison did. and even then, I’m not so sure.

    But God Bless Geoff Johns and George Perez. Arguably the best writer DC has in their stable, paired with one of the best artists ever to pick up a pencil. The pace is more balanced and the art is gorgeous, and the story feels less pretentious and actually seems to mean more than the main story. There have been more than a few twists in such a short series, from the revelation of the fate of the Green Lanterns, to the return of not one, but TWO major characters from death. The latter of which happening in the most recent issue!

    But, as with every other book, it’s not perfect. I think it’s failings are threefold.

    • It seems to bear no connection to Final Crisis(although this might be more of a credit than a failing).
    • It’s delays have killed some of the drama involved in such an engrossing story. As it is, one of the resurrections I’m referring to was spoiled when I picked up Flash: Rebirth a couple weeks ago. But if that’s the price I have to pay for more lush Perez art, then I can live with it.
    • Needs more Ryan Reynolds.

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