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    Smallville Review: Shield

    By | October 2nd, 2010
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    This week on Smallville, we saw the appearance of Deadshot and the return of Carter Hall, better known as Hawkman. No pleasantries today, how did I feel about it?

    There’s no getting around this, this episode was utter crap. There wasn’t one bit of decent in this show at all. It was SO bad, as a matter of fact, that it made me contemplate why I still watched the show. I mean, it’s still a bit of fun to see the little nods, but let’s face it, after this episode, there’s really no way to take the show seriously. But let me try to be positive and list what I did like.

    The Good: The acting from Erica Durance and Tom Welling continue to be among the best on the show. Maybe it’s because they’ve been on the show for so long that the characters are like second nature to them, but they do continue to be the high light of the series.

    Now that we’re done with that:

    The Bad: Where do I start? Oh yes, Deadshot. Deadshot was a poorly conceived character who suffered from a lack of Floyd Lawton and a suspicious characterization of Jonah Hex as a modern day character; only without the ugly scar or the sunny disposition.

    Then there was Cat Grant. A character who’s sweet enough in small doses, but was grating by the end of the episode. I didn’t feel any connection to her character one bit, let alone the conflict inherent to Deadshot coming after her (to get to Clark).

    Then there was the lame introduction of the Suicide Squad. Such a great team of characters limited to the cheesiest oddball lines. We’re really supposed to believe that these bullets were meant to simply trace Clark, Carter, and Oliver, but somehow Clark wouldn’t notice the tracer? I mean, I can understand Ollie, and even Carter, but Clark? Please, if that’s not underselling his abilities, I don’t know what is.

    Oh yes, the ham-fisted subject of Nietzsche. Instead of bringing up Nietzsche in a thoughtful and interesting manner, he’s heavily pushed upon the audience in a way that no one will really understand until the last scene. This brings us to:

    The WTF: No really, WTF?! Clark, or The Blur as it was, is now wearing Red and Blue again, thanks to some “creative” tailoring from I can only assume some sweatshops below the Watchtower. Yes, he wore a red leather jacket with an “S” shield emblazoned on the front. It honestly wouldn’t have been so bad, though, if he didn’t look EXACTLY like a bad cosplay of Conner Kent. The blue jeans and Leather jacket only could have been topped by excessive pouches and a bad haircut. I mean really, WTF?!

    The whole episode was just a ginormous cluster-eff, culminating in a non-reveal SO EPIC; I burst out laughing from the sheer ridiculousness of it all. The episode is worth watching for the laughs, but not as anything serious at all. Want to see how ridiculous? Look at the picture below.

    Final Verdict: 1.0 – Must See!

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