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    More Amazing ’40 Days of Supergirl’ Art Available for Auction

    By | November 4th, 2019
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    As we noted a few weeks ago, we are auctioning off many of our ’40 Days of Supergirl’ pieces. We currently have 10 pieces up, with a few more to come, but this round in particular features a few of my personal favorites.

    Here is what we said last time:

    Three years ago, we did an art month called “40 Days of Supergirl,” where some of our favorite artists did Supergirl sketches. Some were digital, but many were physical pieces of artwork. It took about 8 months for all the pieces to drop in, but we had planned on doing an art auction, to benefit Room to Read, in the summer of 2017. Then, things got a little tricky.

    The staffer who was going to organize the auctions didn’t pan out, and then we had some personal issues for senior staff members, and everything got delayed longer than we would have liked. But those days are done!

    Right now, in our eBay store, we’ve got pieces by Laurence Campbell, Mike Maihack, Tom Scioli, Ibrahim Moustafa, Viktor Kovalchev, Ramon Villalobos, Tony Gregori, Sina Grace, Justin Greenwood, and Dennis Culver. Pick one up, and remember, all proceeds go to Room to Read!

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