Chronicles of Shazam

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Genesis 4 Featured Columns
The Chronicles of Shazam: “Genesis”

By | Sep 4, 2019 | Columns

We’ve reached the next crossover in this big re-read, and let me tell you…I already forgot half of what I read, and I read some of it earlier today. Today’s snoozefest is called “Genesis” and, like “The Final Night,” it was a month-long event that saw most DC books play along, though also like “The […]

The Final Night Featured Columns
The Chronicles of Shazam: “The Final Night”

By | Aug 21, 2019 | Columns

The first major crossover since “The Power of Shazam” started, ‘The Final Night’ is an anomaly among big crossover events, as there isn’t a villain at the core of it. The Earth’s sun is engulfed by some sort of naturally occurring ‘sun-eater’ which has wiped out lots of other civilizations before. There’s no negotiating, there’s […]

Power of Shazam 1 Featured Columns
“The Power of Shazam” #1-12

By | Aug 7, 2019 | Columns

The first year of “The Power of Shazam” is a long set up to get to the ‘new’ Captain Marvel status quo, which involves setting up the immediate and extended Marvel family, giving some explanation for certain aspects of the story, and provide a plan going forward. These first twelve issues do all of that, […]


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