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Justice League 30 Featured Interviews
Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV Bring [Redacted] and [Redacted] Into the Pages of “Justice League” #30

By | Aug 21, 2019 | Interviews

Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, along with Joshua Williamson, Dan Abnett, and Adam Glass, launched the ‘New Justice’ line of titles well over a year ago now. The promise made at the time was that these stories would be big, bold, and offer something totally unique and unexpected. They’ve come through in spades, and […]

Justice League 26 Featured InterviewsPreviews
Scott Snyder on “The Batman Who Laughs” Wrapping Up and Introducing the Justice Society to “Justice League,” Plus an Exclusive Preview of “Justice League” #26

By | Jun 17, 2019 | Interviews, Previews

Scott Snyder is a busy guy. Aside from writing his ‘last Batman story’ with Greg Capullo, “The Last Knight on Earth,” and prepping for the return of “American Vampire” next year – oh, and being a dad of three – Scott is finishing up his “The Batman Who Laughs” miniseries and bringing DC’s most bombastic […]

Justice League Annual 1 Featured Interviews
Hall of Justice: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV Talk About the Ramifications of “Justice League Annual” #1

By | Jan 30, 2019 | Interviews

Today saw the release of “Justice League Annual” #1 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Daniel Sampere. To call this issue huge would be an understatement akin to calling Facebook ‘problematic.’ Synder and Tynion bring back story threads from books like “The Multiversity,” “Dark Nights: Metal,” and “Justice League: No Justice,” while weaving in […]

Justice League 12 Featured Columns
Hall of Justice: James Tynion IV Discusses Secret Histories, the Legion of Doom, and “Justice League” #12

By | Nov 19, 2018 | Columns

Welcome to Hall of Justice, our new column that focuses on DC’s Justice League titles. Each month, we’ll be interviewing creators behind the books, looking behind the scenes and helping us look ahead to what’s coming next. Today, we are joined by James Tynion IV, writer of “Justice League” #12, as well as all the […]