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Five Thoughts on Archer’s “Double Trouble”

By | September 5th, 2020
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Hi folks! Welcome the to our weekly recap of Archer on the Multiversity Summer TV Binge 2020. This is episode is named “Double Trouble” and it is the season finale, so, it is my last addition to the binge this year, let’s dive right in!

1. Katya Kasanova

What happens when you escape from Russia? Well, apparently for Archer the most immediate thing is having sex in his mother’s office, yeah, what a weird way of coping after being tortured and almost dying.

After last week we met Russian spy Katya Kasanova and in this episode we discover that she is Archer’s first real love since apparently Lana, and of course, neither her nor his mother are very happy that he came back with another woman, is it jealousy or just caution because, after all, she was an enemy of the US just hours ago.

Lana and Malory argue with Archer that Katya might have other interests besides being blindy in love with Archer, maybe she want’s Krieger’s latest secret project, and then we cut off to Krieger showing Katya something in his computer, damn, how gullible is he?

2. A Double Agent?

Meanwhile, back in Mother Russia, Jakov is concerned by Katya’s very real defection because she knows too many secrets, not military secrets, it is worse apparently: she discovered the Party Chairman having a gay threesome; thankfully, Jakov’s assistant, Boris, has a plan to stop her, just alter Katya’s files to show that she’s currently working as a double agent and let yourself be hacked.

And it works! Everybody in the agency is against Katya, and only Archer can help her escape because he’s in love and he believes she is innocent, and they managed to escape from the building thanks to Malory being unable to lock it down.

3. Archer is… growing?

On of the most important aspects of this episode is Archer’s change, he is truly in love and he seems to be willing to change for Katya, he stopped drinking (well, in steps, he might die of backlogged hungover), he seems to be willing to stop being a womanizer, and he threatens to quit the agency if Malory doesn’t give Katya a job.

He even is willing to flee and hide with his woman to avoid her death, he is going to left everything behind but first, he has to do one more thing: find his bug out bag, and it turns out that Woodhouse had it, in his sewing room, and in what seems like the biggest gesture he has ever done to his butler, he allows him to keep his room. As you see, Archer is growing, being mature.

4. Krieger’s Secret

After the standoff in his apartment, where a lot of shots were fired and no one was harmed, Krieger reveals the thing that he was showing Katya was his plans to marry with his digital girlfriend, and, given that he called of the wedding, he was willing to give Katya and Archer all the things for their possible wedding.

Turns out that Katya had a secret: she didn’t fell in love with Archer at first sight, she was already in love because of her trainings in Russia, and Archer responds in the most unexpected way possible, he wants to marry her right there! Wow, the whole team suspected of brainwashing, but it seems that the feelings they had for each other were real all this time, maybe, just maybe Archer is really becoming a better man…

5. Alas, cyborg Barry, the six million rubles man!

So, Boris’ plan to get Katya killed didn’t work, but he has a plan B, they have Barry still recovering from losing his leg, and they finally turned into a cyborg and are planning to use him to kill her, but Barry has another plan in his mind.

Of course, he is finally getting revenge on Archer, after all that he has caused Barry first season and trough this one this character arc comes to a closing point: he is going to kill Archer, and what a great opportunity he has right this moment, with every loved one there to see Archer die!

But Archer has someone willing to die for him, and Katya does that, she sacrifices herself and jumps off the balcony with Barry, but he is a Cyborg now, so he doesn’t die, but apparently she did, and in the fall, she also killed Krieger’s van.

Continued below

And with that, all of Archer’s growth this episode is also killed, what might happen to him after watching his fiancée sacrifice herself to save him? Well, you can discover it watching the third season right now haha, but we will talk about it later.

Joke of the week:
Malory: I swear, if anyone ever saw me in this awful van.
Lana: How could they with this illegal-ass window tint? Dude, this van is like rolling probable cause.

And that’s it for today, overall, it was an hilarious episode that sets up a lot of what is going to happen the next couple of seasons. And as for this season, I loved it, almost every episode was great, you can tell how the voice actors and the writing and animated team clearly and confidently defined every character and managed to give us classic moments.

What did you think of this episode and this season? Leave your comments below and join us on the next Summer TV Binge to review the third season (or earlier maybe?) of Archer. On the meantime you can check other shows we are talking about for the remaining of the summer and over; and as for me, I just began writing about The Boys second season, what an amazing show, see you there!

Oh! And remember, Archer’s eleventh season is coming this September 16th!

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