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Five Thoughts on Archer’s “Sea Tunt: Part II”

By | September 25th, 2022
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Hi folks! Welcome back to our weekly recap of Archer’s fourth season, on the Multiversity Summer TV Binge 2022. We finally arrived at the season finale, the episode is named “Sea Tunt: Part II” and its a direct continuation of the last one, here, they will have to save the world from a mad scientist underwater, Let’s dive right in!

1. The team prepares

Last week we left our “heroes” about to meet a mad scientist who threatened to bomb three cities with nerve gas. Now the team prepares to travel to the marine laboratory to stop the madman, and Archer is not going to pass up the opportunity to choose a silly costume for the mission.

His and Cyril’s characters are men who wear mustaches and, on the contrary, he shaves Ray, admittedly just for funsies. They pretend to be journalists shining a light on the world’s problems, and in reality, they prepare to face a team of up to 40 people.

2. Captain Murphy

There, they meet only Captain Murphy, he is a scientist who claims that he wants to bring the ecologic problems to the table, but it is soon revealed that he simply wanted to become rich just by milking Cheryl’s brother, and everyone on his team is now gone.

He has been underwater and alone for months; his threat simply was a cry for help and the worst team for it is her to aid him. At one point, Murphy snaps and threatens Lana with a knife, Archer points a gun at him and, thanks to Krieger’s “idiot mods” during cocaine benders, shoots the dome and a crack forms.

3. Cecil is a pathetic man

As we saw last week, Cecil’s plan was to record Carol’s friends talking about her mental health and turn into her caretaker under a conservatorship, where he could use her money freely. In this episode he reveals the truth, he planned that because he is completely breaking and needs the money to keep funding his multiple organizations.

Fortunately for him, thanks to the destruction of the Sealab he will get the insurance money, and now he’s richer than he was before without the need of using Cheryl’s money…

4. Escape from the Sea Lab

Back underwater, the team has to escape trough a hatch, but in the action, Murphy is hit with a soda machine and now he’s dying, thankfully, he had enough time in the lab to plan for multiple escape routes, the problem is that they only have three scuba sets, someone has to sacrifice themselves.

This is where Lana reveals that she is pregnant and that’s why she deserves to be saved, Archer immediately gives her his scuba equipment, and they flee, carrying Archer to the escape pod, where they resuscitate him and he thanks them and playfully accuses Ray of giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, only to trigger the defibrillator and he breaks down Gillete’s bionic legs… again.

5. Cyril is an asshole

Here’s the most important thing of this episode, we have often talked about how Archer very usually behaves like a child, and we could argue that he is a bad person, and on the contrary, Cyril is a good man, but that’s not the truth.

When Cyril hears the news that Lana will be a mother, he turns into a monster, he throws back Lana when they are attempting to flee and he insults her constantly for her choice, and most importantly, not choosing him.

On the other side, Archer knows that he is not the father (wink wink) and is immediately happy for Lana, he sacrifices his life, gives her the diving gear, and tells Lana his biggest secret: he loves her. this is an indictment against Cyril, who openly shows his jealousy for not being the father of the baby and apparently being cheated-on.

So, not only is he a bad person, Cyril is someone that you have to take your distance with, in my opinion.

Joke of the Week:

Malory: Ahhh. Say, this stuff (the Moonshine) is pretty good, what did you say it was?
Pam: Basically, pure ethanol?
Malory: Huh… Well God bless corn subsidies.
Cheryl: Who’re you, Earl Butz?
Malory: …you say that like it’s a bad thing.

And that’s it for the entire fourth season, overall, the thirteen episodes as a hole were hilarious, the formula is perfected and there’s’ no reason to mess with it. What did you think of this year? Leave your comments below and join us next summer for our take on Archer’s fifth season, the first “deviation” from the formula, named Archer Vice, where ISIS is gone, and the team has to become drug dealers.

In the meantime, I’ll come back soon enough for a new season of The Boys, The Flash, or the upcoming sequel to Masters of The Universe: Revelation, whichever comes first.

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